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Is cork flooring a good idea for kitchen installation?

Cork kitchen flooring is an excellent idea, with plenty of benefits for this room. One advantage is one of the most extended kitchen floor lifespans, giving you more than 40 years of service.

A moisture barrier sealant is necessary for this space, as is regular maintenance. Cork flooring is a fantastic option for areas where dampness is common, and learning more about it is advisable.

A clean kitchen solution

Cork flooring is perfect for areas where hygiene is essential. These floors resist mold, mildew, bacteria growth, and termites. 

These floors offer excellent indoor air quality, as they emit no off-gassing. You'll also find that the suberin found in cork helps repel vermin, which is a massive benefit in the kitchen.

A safe kitchen flooring option
Cork flooring is an obvious choice when you need a floor covering that offers safety. Besides non-slip surfaces, cork only ignites or melts at extremely high temperatures.

Comfort is essential in the kitchen
Cork floor tiles have air pockets throughout the material for a natural cushion. That means the underfoot experience is luxurious, especially if standing in one place.

Those air pockets can also help to create natural insulation. As a result, the floors stay warmer, with less energy transferring into the room around them.

Choose your cork flooring today

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