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We’re experts, so we can help you figure out the right material for your space and know how much flooring to buy. We’re designers, so we can help you create a unique space that speaks to your style. And, most importantly, we’re your partner, so we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the most value out of your investment.
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Flooring is a large project and can be expensive, so you want to make sure your installation is done right. When you’ve chosen your new flooring, we’ll install it with precision, taking care of all details for you — moving your furniture, removing your old floor, inspecting the sub-floor, installing your new flooring and replacing your furniture. Your space will have a refreshed, radiant look.


Insurance coverage for flooring varies depending on your current company and policy. However, one point to note is that insurance companies are generally concerned with their bottom line, reducing their own costs. A contractor not affiliated with your insurance provider can often ensure that you get a better deal. Dedicated Flooring is here to help. you through this process.


As you consider the best flooring solution that fits your specific lifestyle and budget, take advantage of our special financing offers with approved credit.

Repairs &

If you have experienced an accident or sustained damage to your flooring, our Specialists will work with you to find a product that closely resembles that of the original or something different that helps you make a new statement all together! From color to texture, we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with the end result.

Our Services

We are here to ensure you choose a quality floor that fits your style and comfort while maintaining durability at an affordable price. 
Here are just a few things included when you choose Dedicated Flooring…


Personal Consultation & Design

At your convenience, we will bring an array of flooring samples to your business or home for a free consultation. Our flooring experts will help you select the perfect flooring to meet your needs and budget from quality products from our top manufacturers. Based on the desired installation area they will educate you and recommend the best options to fit your styling needs before making a final decision. You will be sure to get the best flooring that provides comfort, durability and beauty far into the future at the best price.

Same-Day Measurements & Price Estimates

Our flooring consultants will take accurate room measurements, for free, during your in-service appointment and provide an all-inclusive estimate including details of: 

  • How much product you’ll need, with the least amount of waste
  • Correct pattern matching to keep the pattern running in the same direction between rooms
  • The best seam positioning and transitions for a cohesive look
  • Special needs of closets, stairs, hallways, alcoves, angled walls, and unique spaces
  • Materials such as padding, thresholds, transitions, underlayment, and base moldings
  • All cost estimates include everything from padding to expert installation

Choose From High Quality, Ethically Sourced Materials

When it comes to floors, quality and performance matters. Always make sure that you are selecting from the highest grade flooring you can afford. The higher the grade, the more comprehensive the warranty will be. By choosing a fine, first quality product, you will be rewarded with beauty and comfort for years to come.                    

Price Match Guarantee

Purchasing a floor can be a significant investment, one that affects the value and comfort of your home for years to come. Our price match guarantee gives you the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting the lowest possible price on identical products installed by a licensed and insured installation professional.

Professional, Quality Installation

Our professional installers ensure all the details are covered:

  • Moving furniture
  • Removing and hauling away old flooring
  • Quality installation
  • Padding and underlayment, thresholds and trim
  • Project clean-up
  • You will be enjoying your new floors the minute they leave


100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

We work with top name manufacturers who stand behind their products with comprehensive warrantiesIn addition to manufacturer warranties, Dedicated Flooring adds our own installation warranty, which guarantees your floor is installed to current flooring standards. If something is imperfect, we will come back and correct it.

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