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Flooring repair and restoration

If you have experienced an accident or sustained damage to your flooring in your home or business, it can be an extremely intimidating process.

Our Restoration Specialists will work with you to find a product that closely resembles that of the original or something different that helps you make a new statement all together! Our skilled technicians will mend scratches and gouges in your floors with the utmost attention to detail. From color to texture, we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with the end result.

Dedicated Flooring’s knowledgeable Restoration Specialists work with you to get your project completed in the quickest way, while meeting your budget and timeline. Our repair process will ensure the most accurate estimate possible up front.

Flooring repair and restoration

Our Specialists are experts in restoring the quality and integrity to your floors, returning them to their original state. If your floors have become warped, scratched, dingy, dented, loose or uneven, we can help. We have years of experience in restoring everything from carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, staircases and more. From small to large refinishing projects, we pride ourselves on offering top quality workmanship.

Carpet: Carpet can develop several problems over its lifespan, and many of them are easily repaired to restore your carpet to its former condition. These include rips and tears, burns, stains, and sagging of the carpet. Dedicated Flooring can custom fit carpeting to restore damaged areas.

Outside of its aesthetic value, insulating, & sound-reducing properties, carpet naturally functions as a filter. Carpet and rugs can only hold so much dirt and grime before it starts to release pollutants back into areas they are installed in. In order for it to work effectively, and to keep your environment as healthy as possible, it is imperative to deep clean your carpet at least once every 12-18 months. This is also the cleaning method that is recommended by the major carpet manufacturers to keep carpet warranties in effect.



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Hardwood floor restoration vs. refinishing: When you restore a floor, you are repairing a damaged floor. The damage may be from pet stains, water stains, or renovations from electrical, heating, or plumbing changes, or even fire damage. When you refinish a floor you are either sanding or screening a floor to remove the scratched and dull finish. Then you re-coat the floor with new layers of finish to renew the floor’s luster so it looks new.

Laminate floor repair: Laminate floors develop many problems over their lifetime, from scratches and gouges to swelling and buckling from moisture and improper installation. Minor surface damage may sometimes be filled with putty, but the most common method of repairing a laminate floor is to replace the affected planks. This is done by removing all planks to the affected one, replacing it, and reinstalling the rest.

Tile floor repair: The most common problems you find with a tile floor are cracking and lippage. Cracking occurs when there is movement beneath the tile or when the tile was improperly installed. Lippage is a condition where a corner of the tile sticks up, which can cause trips or breakage of that corner. In either case, the best scenario is to chisel out the old tile, replace it, and regrout the surrounding area. Regular cleaning can eliminate surface dirt and mold on tile and grout, however, if these contaminants are in or under the grout, cleaning will only further drive in those unwanted substances. This can also lead to cracked tiles.

Vinyl floor repair: Vinyl is a flexible, resilient, plastic flooring material that comes in many forms, from sheet flooring to floating tiles. It can develop many different problems, from cracks and tears to curling and lifting. Sheet vinyl may be heated and stretched, then glued back into place to hide a tear, while curling tiles are removed and replaced. Because some vinyl glues grow stronger with time, removing them can be very difficult.

Dedicated Flooring has experts in both restoring & refinishing to help you meet all your flooring needs. Our belief is that great floors make great impressions. Contact us today for a free estimate and information about our financing options.