Care & Maintenance

We want your floors to look beautiful for many years to come. That’s where maintenance comes in. Learning how to care for your floors properly is an important step that you don’t want to forget. Our guide to caring for your floors gives you tips on regular cleaning, yearly maintenance, and stain removal to ensure that your floors keep up their beautiful appearance. 

Carpet is an excellent way to add warmth and softness to any home. With the vast number of carpet styles and types of carpet available today, it’s no secret that carpet continues to be a top choice. While carpet has many advantages and some disadvantages, what you might be asking yourself is, “How do I care for carpet?” We have some recommendations, tips, and tricks on how to keep your carpeting looking fresh and clean. Whether you have a home full of children or pets, or you simply want to maintain your carpet to ensure it lasts as long as possible, you’ll love our easy to follow guide on how to clean and maintain carpet in your home.

How to Keep Carpet Clean

How to Deep Clean Carpet

How to Spot Clean Carpet

How to Care for Carpet with a Professional Steam Cleaner

Caring for Carpet